Notarizations for Argentina

Do you have a document that you need notarized for use in Argentina? Save time and hassle with Downtown Notary’s specialized notarizations for Argentina!


What does “notarization for Argentina” mean?

Generally, when a document has to go to Argentina and it is notarized by a notary in Ontario, it must also be authenticated by the Government of Ontario’s Official Document Services and then legalized by the Consulate of Argentina.

Downtown Notary Guelph’s Suzanne Deliscar has been registered as a notary public at the Consulate General of the Republic of Argentina in Toronto, a special designation that will assist you if you need to file legal documents with that country. You can find out more information about Suzanne’s registration on the Consulate of Argentina’s website: Registered Notaries and Lawyers.

This means that when Suzanne notarizes your documents for use in Argentina, the Consulate of Argentina will automatically accept and legalize her notarizations - no need to have them authenticated by Official Document Services!

This means you can skip an entire step - authentication - and save time and money as a result!

How does it work?

  1. Have your documents notarized by Suzanne Deliscar at Downtown Notary Guelph

    • This service is also available in Brampton - contact us for more information

  2. Take your documents to the Consulate of Argentina for legalization

    • The Consulate will automatically accept Suzanne’s notarizations.


$50 for the first notarization (notary’s stamp and signature), $27.50 for each additional notarization