Official Document Translation in French and Spanish

Are you immigrating to Canada, looking to study abroad, or planning to get married in a French or Spanish-speaking country? Downtown Notary offers certified translation of all kinds of official documents from French to English, Spanish to English, English to French, English to Spanish, Spanish to French and French to Spanish. 

What is official document translation? What is a certified translation?

Official document translation refers to the translation of official documents. Certified translation means that the translation is also certified, either by way of the stamp of a certified translator, or by the translator preparing a certificate of accuracy that is attached to the front of the translation, and this certificate of accuracy normally requires a notary seal.

We offer a one-stop shop for clients with personal matters and business in French- and Spanish-speaking countries by providing official translations, certified translations, notarizations, authentication, legalization and drafting of documents required by embassies and consulates, such as affidavits. We can assist with translating and notarizing documents for use in all French- and Spanish-speaking countries, including Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Guadaloupe, Spain, Haiti, France, Canada, the United States, Chile, Argentina and Mexico.


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