Why Does Downtown Notary Not Have an Office?

You may have noticed that some of Downtown Notary's locations - including Ottawa and all of our Toronto locations - are actually coffee shops, not offices. So why is that?

There's a few reasons why we do not have an office.  Firstly, offices are very expensive. One of the reasons legal services are so expensive is to pay for those expensive offices. Without an office, we're able to pass on the savings to my clients and provide notary public and commissioner for taking oaths services at affordable and accessible rates.  Secondly, not having an office allows us to be flexible: we're able to meet clients at times that fit their schedule, or provide them with house calls across downtown Toronto. Non-traditional legal practices in which lawyers or notaries work from their homes, shared offices or alternative offices, such as coworking spaces, are becoming increasingly common as we strive to provide high quality services to our clients at affordable prices. Thirdly, Starbucks makes much better coffee than we do.

This helpful infographic explains how we provide notary services at our mobile locations:


It's also important to note that even though we don't always operate out of office locations, we are still fully qualified notaries for the Province of Ontario. 

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