Certification of true copies of any document, including marriage certificates, death certificates, wills, birth certificates, diplomas, degrees and passports. (Please note that the notary public must see the original document.)

Witnessing signatures, verification of identify and certification of signatures, including:

Commissioning oaths affirming affidavits and identifies, including:

Statutory declarations, including:

Drafting of affidavits and statutory declarations, including: 

  • Affidavits for OSAP applications
  • Affidavits of identity
  • Joint affidavits of marriage in India
  • Affidavits of name split in India
  • Statutory declarations for Statements in Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad
  • Affidavits of income

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Downtown Notary does not provide any legal advice.

Downtown Notary limits its services to verifying that signatures, marks and copies of documents are true or genuine and does not provide any legal advice. If you require legal advice and need to find a lawyer, please use the Law Society of Upper Canada's "Find a Lawyer or Paralegal" service.

Downtown Notary does not offer the Medallion Signature Guarantee Program. This is only available through banks.