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John Pearce - A Notary Public in Melbourne, Australia

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Motivated by the enriching experience of meeting so many people from so many cultures in his notarial practice, and knowing that he can make a real difference to people's lives, Australian Notary Public John Pearce notarises documents that allow, amongst other things: 

  • people to use their Australian qualifications to live and work abroad

  • businesses to broaden their trade overseas and flourish

  • powers of attorney to be assigned to family members and friends that save endless time, convenience and money.

  • documents to be apostilled and authenticate

When John provides the right advice, at the right time, his wealth of experience shines. With a proven track record of over 200 x 5 star reviews that state over and over again that John is easy to deal with, cost effective and kind, he is ready to help you.

John says: “I get real satisfaction from assisting people who are often confused as to requirements but require their documents to be notarised in order to handle their personal or business affairs overseas – there is such a thrill from getting great results for people by positively assisting them with their overseas commitments.

Melbourne Notary John Pearce has been serving Australians for more 20 years as a Solicitor and more than half that time as a Notary Public in Melbourne

Known for his professionalism, kindness and attention to detail, John is ready to help you every step of the way. Should you require the services of John if you're ever in Australia, please contact him via his website. 

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